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Have a solar energy expert analyse your home’s suitability for solar energy and provide an exact installation process tailored to your specific requirements to ensure you pick a safe and relevant system for your home so you’re not worrying about getting ripped off or mis-sold.

Solar Panels on Roof

During the 100% FREE visit you'll receive:

Internal Voltage & Electrical Routing Check

Check the house's voltage to ensure its within the acceptable parameters of the DNO to be able to turn the solar system on after it has been installed.

Roof Sizing Check For Panels

Measuring the roof to check how many panels can be fitted and identify which type of panel is best suited to your roof.

Consumer Unit Condition Check

We check the condition and age of their existing consumer unit to ensure there's space and acceptable fault and surge protection for the solar system.

Future Systems Upgrade Check

Measuring for future additional add-ons to the system e.g batteries

Maximum System Performance Check

Assessing the available space and capacity to offer the client the maximal system sizing to get the most out of the system

Measurement Parameters Form

We leave you with all the measurements needed for any future companies to come and quote so that theres no need for them to take up as much of your time or be as intrusive and save you several hours.

by Hendrick

“If I could I’d rate Dan’s service, it would be a solid 6/5. He is responsive, and professional, has good advice, punctual, the job is done impeccably and very friendly. Highly recommend!”

by Natalie

“Would really recommend it as friendly, professional and did a great job for the tasks we had. Dan went above and beyond to make sure the end result would look good and cleaned up everything (even mopping the floor afterwards). Very reasonably priced for the quality.”

by Ricky

“Great service, very competitive prices, actually beat all other quotes that I’d had given to me. Punctual and it’s nice to see a tradesman that takes pride in what they do! Would highly recommend.”
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