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Quick And Easy Way To Find An Electrical Fault.

Updated: Aug 20, 2023

An Electrical Fault In Your House Can Cause Many Issues, Especially If Its Something You Aren't Able To Fix Quickly, It Can Also End Up Costing A Lot Of Money To Fix Particularly If It's After House And You Have To Call Out An Emergency Electrician. Here At Capital Electrical & Solar We've Created Two Videos To Try And Help You Locate And Fix Your Electrical Fault So You Hopefully Wont Have To Call Out An Electrician.

Fixing Your Electrical Socket Fault In Under 1 Minute

Often When Your Appliances Get Old They Can Cause Your Socket Circuit To Trip. We Have Created A Quick Video To Help You Diagnose And Rectify Your Socket Fault In Under 1 Minute And Save You From Calling Out An Electrician.

How To Fix Your Electrical Lighting Fault Fast!

Not Being Able To Find An Electrical Fault Can Be Extremely Frustrating And Time Consuming. We Have Come Up With A Short Video To Help You Identify Where Your Electrical Lighting Fault Is And Hopefully Save The Electrician Some Time And You Some Money.

We Hope You Find These Videos Helpful And That They Can Help Save You Some Money. If You Have Any Question Please Leave Them In The Comments Section And If You Are In Need Of An Emergency Electrician We Will Wave Our Emergency Call Out Fee For All Of Our Customers.

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