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MCS Certified Solar Panels Abingdon on Thames

Providing Solar Power Across the Abingdon Area.

Boasting a claim as one of England's oldest towns, Abingdon on Thames presents a delightful blend of historic structures and contemporary developments. The juxtaposition of traditional buildings adopting a modern aesthetic, enhanced by retrofit or in-roof solar panel systems, creates a harmonious visual appeal.


Nestled in the scenic Oxfordshire countryside, Abingdon benefits from ideal solar panel performance, thanks to the limited presence of tall structures causing shading issues. This advantageous setting, coupled with the growing popularity of solar energy, is drawing more residents towards sustainable choices. More people in Abingdon and the surrounding areas, including Sutton Courtenay, Drayton, Steventon, Wotton, Wantage, and across Oxfordshire, are making the switch to solar. Capital Electrical and Solar, based in Abingdon, stands ready to assist numerous clients in harnessing the benefits of solar energy, particularly with the added advantage of the government incentive that exempts VAT, making the transition even more financially appealing. Contact our solar panel electricians today to find out what you can save.

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