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Maintenance For Solar Panels

Solar panel servicing and maintenance across Oxfordshire 

As solar panels have become increasingly common over the years, many individuals possess older installations that may no longer operate at peak efficiency, whether due to initial improper installation or simply the effects of time. At Capital Electrical and Solar, we offer a comprehensive solar panel servicing aimed at providing peace of mind and positively impacting your finances through our "solar health check" service.

Over the lifetime of a solar panel installation, the consequences of improperly installed systems, faulty panels, inverters, and batteries can add up to significant financial losses. This is especially true for those on a feed-in tariff program. Without regular maintenance and inspection, individuals might not even be aware of the potential thousands they are missing out on.

We frequently encounter systems suffering from decreased performance or even posing safety hazards due to equipment faults and inadequate installation practices. Our thorough servicing not only ensures optimal performance but also addresses any potential safety concerns, safeguarding both your investment and your well-being. Don't let your solar panel installation fall short of its potential – reach out to us today for a consultation.

Here's what our "solar health check" includes:

  • Comprehensive evaluation of AC solar system supply

  • Thorough examination of DC solar panel strings

  • Inspection to verify proper installation methods

  • Review of installation documentation for accuracy

  • Assessment for any new areas of shading

  • Examination of panels for factors affecting efficiency (such as bird mess)

  • Verification of installation methods to ensure system safety

  • Detailed report outlining any necessary recommendations for system optimization

Solar Maintenance costs £220 excluding VAT

Potential savings over the lifetimes: £1000+

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Do you have a solar PV installation project in mind?Give us a call and talk to one of our local solar specialists about booking your renewable energy evaluation.

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